Congrats to our new interns!

Congratulations to David and Gabi, our two new interns! Both have strong programming and gaming backgrounds and will be learning all about the business of game development for iPhone / iPod Touch. Over the next 3 months, they’ll be developing a new game under our guidance and training. Hopefully this will provide great opportunities for all involved. Welcome to the team! 🙂


Fairlady Media is looking for a few great student interns!

Are you looking for hands-on experience in developing and marketing iPhone games?

This is a chance to get some real experience that will be seen by thousands, if not millions, of people!

Fairlady Media is looking for student interns to assist in every aspect of our iPhone game development business.

About Fairlady Media:

Located near Raleigh, North Carolina, Fairlady Media is a privately held company founded in 2009 by husband and wife team James and Constance Bossert. Leveraging their longtime experience in development, marketing, and UI design, the company produces and publishes interactive media for a variety of technology platforms. The company specializes in the development of mobile games for the iPhone platform. Fairlady Media has created 11 games for the iPhone and iPod Touch with over a million downloads and counting.

Job Description:

Due to our growth and the success of our current games and consulting services, Fairlady Media is looking to recruit a team of highly motivated self-starters to join us in several capacities. These internship positions are an outstanding opportunity to get your start in this dynamic industry. We’re currently looking for Web Designers, LAMP Developers, Marketing, Business Management and Objective-C iPhone Developers. Interested in any or all of these? Great! Come and learn all about the business of self-publishing games on the App Store!

Location: near Raleigh, NC

Rate/Salary: Non-paid internship positions leading to contracted hourly assignments by project

Contact: Connie Bossert [connie at] if interested

Job Responsibilities could include:

  • iPhone SDK development
  • Development and deployment of LAMP web sites and server infrastructure
  • Assist with all print, online, and special marketing projects as needed.
  • Prepare marketing packets including game/application videos, text copy, in-game screenshots, press summaries and concept art collections.
  • Assist in the submission process of marketing packets to the major internet mobile game/application web sites.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationship ties with contact people representing the major internet mobile game/application web sites and marketing firms.
  • Create and review content for daily/weekly online publishing.
  • Accounting, Quick Books and other business logistics and organization
  • Organize promotional materials
  • Managing promotional distribution
  • Assist with promotional plans
  • Write press releases
  • Work on grassroots marketing campaigns
  • Website updates
  • Writing and distributing email marketing campaigns
  • Manage online advertising campaigns with key advertising partners
  • Manage Fairlady Media social networking on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Manage viral marketing tasks across the industry leading web sites.

Required Skills could include:

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript experience
  • LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) application development and/or service infrastructure deployment and operational hosting experience
  • iPhone application experience through the complete lifecycle including availability in the Apple App Store
  • Fundamentals of application development, test, and implementation
  • Exposure and experience to the real world marketing processes for making and testing video games and mobile applications.
  • Exposure to programming in Cocoa and/or Objective C
  • Exposure to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  • Some understanding of new 3.x firmware features
  • Ability to effectively communicate as a team player
  • Responsibility and follow through for both projects and daily tasks
  • Ability to work independently and function as a self-starter
  • Knowledgeable and interested in online marketing, PR and Social Networking.
  • Very strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Applicants should be outgoing and personable with good social and conversational skills.
  • Experience with writing game summaries, social blogs, collecting screenshots and archiving and submitting marketing packets.
  • Research and maintain knowledge of the main mobile game and application sites on the internet.
  • Video editing knowledge/experience preferred.
  • Ability to work within small team dynamics.

Optional/Bonus Qualifications:

  • Gaming experience a plus.
  • Knowledge of Social Networking mindsets and protocols a plus.
  • Knowledge of the most popular mobile game/application web sites a plus.
  • Applicants should be active participants in the social networking and video gaming culture.

OpenFeint Features Spazzle II as Free Game of the Day

The new OpenFeint standalone app, which is currently featured in What’s Hot on the App Store, is now featuring Spazzle II as the Free Game of the Day. As you may know, OpenFeint is a social gaming network. It allows a global community of gamers to compare scores and game achievements and see what everyone else is playing. Fairlady Media incorporated this system into our new iPhone game Spazzle II in early September 2009 (see previous blog post).

The new OpenFeint standalone app provides users with instant access to OpenFeint, where players can see game achievements, manage their profiles, chat with friends, and participate in forums.

Plus, each day the app features a Free Game of the Day. Today, that game is Spazzle II! That’s right, for one day only, you can download the full version of Spazzle II (without advertisements) for free! We hope you enjoy the game!

🙂 fairlady

Spazzle Takes Off in Asian Countries

This morning I was entering our download information for Spazzle into the January spreadsheet and noticed something very different happening with our numbers. Normally, our percentage of international downloads is about 21% (see dates 12/28-12/31 in the chart below). But for the period 1/1 through 1/10, I noticed that our international downloads accounted for a whopping 52% of our downloads! Hm, this required further investigation…

As it turns out, there has been a big spike in downloads coming from Taiwan. The following graph shows just the Taiwanese downloads for the same time period:

We checked our app rankings in Taiwan, and sure enough, we’ve climbed the charts to the #21 game overall and the #1 free game. We’ve also seen increases in other Asian countries, although the bumps have not been quite as dramatic as in Taiwan. We’re not sure what has caused the sudden interest in our game in the Asian markets, but we sure do appreciate the business from the Taiwanese customers and hope that the folks on the other side of the world are enjoying the game!

🙂 fairlady

Spazzle has reached 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS!

Thanks to all of our awesome customers, Spazzle has reached 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS! 🙂 This achievement comes just days before the 1-year anniversary of the game’s release (December 24, 2008). Not only are customers downloading the game, they continue to PLAY and PLAY and PLAY. Here are a few interesting stats on the game’s usage:

Total unique users:Spazzle logo
Total game play sessions:
Total jailbroken users:
13,767 (1.48%)
Total jailbroken sessions:
80,360 (0.90%)
Total time spent playing the game:
98 years, 97 days, 21 hours, 8 minutes 24 seconds

745,970 of our users are from the United States (80%). 57% of our users are Male, 42% Female.

By Age:
13-17   23%
18-24   30%
25-29   17%
30-34   11%
35-39   7%
40-49   6%
50-64   1%
65+       1%

10 PM is our most popular playing time. Sunday is our most popular day, followed closely by Saturday. The iPhone 3G is by far the most popular device people play Spazzle on.

We hope you continue to enjoy Spazzle!

🙂 fairlady

Admob vs. Mobclix: Who will win our business?

Three of Fairlady Media’s iPhone games are free to customers (Spazzle Free, Spazzle II Free, and Puzzle Sleuth Free). In these games, we use in-app advertisements as a source of revenue from the game. The majority of our advertisements have been managed by Admob. That is, until we heard about the Mobclix Challenge. Mobclix is a competitor of Admob’s, and recently announced a challenge in which developers could sign up for both company’s advertising services, set the ratio of ads for each service to 50/50, and see which company would provide more revenue for those ads. Mobclix is so confident that they will win the challenge that they have promised $10,000 worth of free advertising to any developer who does not make more money by using Mobclix. So, for us, it’s a win-win situation… we’ll either bring in more revenue this month due to incorporation of Mobclix ad services, or we’ll get some free advertising for our newest game, which is due out in January 2010. Plus, it will be fun to watch the two companies compete this month in the head-to-head battle for dominance of the in-app advertising market space!

Spazzle’s Count Up to a MILLION Downloads!

Our classic critter-whacking game, Spazzle!, is close to reaching 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS! To date, we’ve had over 982,000 customers download this popular fast-paced game…

To celebrate, we’ll be releasing 3 all-new levels with a new bonus item! Look for it soon on the App Store! That’ll be 15 levels total!

Help us reach a MILLION!

Download the full-featured free version today! (with ads)

Download the full-featured .99 version today! (no ads)

A HUGE thank you goes out to all of our customers who have made this game a smashing success! I’ll post updates to let you know when the new levels have been released and when we’ve hit our million download mark!