Congrats to our new interns!

Congratulations to David and Gabi, our two new interns! Both have strong programming and gaming backgrounds and will be learning all about the business of game development for iPhone / iPod Touch. Over the next 3 months, they’ll be developing a new game under our guidance and training. Hopefully this will provide great opportunities for all involved. Welcome to the team! 🙂


“I have no money, but I want to develop an iPhone app!”

I have heard this type of comment a lot in developer forums. It is often paired with “I’ve got this great idea…” and “Where do I start?”. The most recent post I read later revealed the submitter was 14 years old. It got me thinking… What advice would I offer a high-school-age young person about how to get started with iPhone development? Here’s my answer:

Tell *everyone* that you know that you are interested in developing iPhone games, and tell them what you need to get started. Tell your parents, your teachers, your friends, your parents’ friends, etc. Who knows? Maybe you have a neighbor who knows someone with a Mac… even someone who does development work and could help you get started?

Surely your school has a computer lab where you could work to get familiarized with a Mac? There may be a computer teacher who would be willing to work with you and get the necessary software installed? There are lots of kids who can earn credit or special honors by completing a special project at school. Try joining or starting a computer club at your school. Sometimes there are *free* resources available to students in clubs like that…

All this will be practice for one of the essential skills in developing iPhone games… it’s called networking! By getting to know other developers and making friends with people who have the resources you need, you will be better positioned to develop and market your games.

Best of luck to all those young people out there who are committed to pursuing their dreams! 🙂

– fairlady