Spazzle II now features OpenFeint! Here’s why that’s GREAT…

The first release of Spazzle II: Disco Blitz included local and global high scores as well as various achievements. That was great for seeing where your alien-zapping skills stood in the global community, as well as seeing how well you stacked up against your friends. But we wanted to offer more…

What is OpenFeint?

OpenFeint is a social gaming network. It allows a global community of gamers to compare scores and game achievements and see what everyone else is playing. OpenFeint includes game Achievements, Challenges, Leaderboards, and Notification features. So, in addition to tracking your own high scores and game achievements, you can see which games your friends are playing and what their best scores are.

Why did we choose OpenFeint over other high score systems?

We did our research on features, usability, and user requests and decided to go with OpenFeint. For a great article in PocketGamer on the side-by-side comparison of OpenFeint vs. Plus+ (a competing social gaming network), see:

What Spazzle II achievements get recorded with OpenFeint?

Here is a table that lists all of the Spazzle II achievements along with their point values in OpenFeint:

Spazzle II Achievements in OpenFeint

We hope you enjoy the OpenFeint features in Spazzle II! 🙂

– fairlady