Congrats to our new interns!

Congratulations to David and Gabi, our two new interns! Both have strong programming and gaming backgrounds and will be learning all about the business of game development for iPhone / iPod Touch. Over the next 3 months, they’ll be developing a new game under our guidance and training. Hopefully this will provide great opportunities for all involved. Welcome to the team! 🙂


OpenFeint Features Spazzle II as Free Game of the Day

The new OpenFeint standalone app, which is currently featured in What’s Hot on the App Store, is now featuring Spazzle II as the Free Game of the Day. As you may know, OpenFeint is a social gaming network. It allows a global community of gamers to compare scores and game achievements and see what everyone else is playing. Fairlady Media incorporated this system into our new iPhone game Spazzle II in early September 2009 (see previous blog post).

The new OpenFeint standalone app provides users with instant access to OpenFeint, where players can see game achievements, manage their profiles, chat with friends, and participate in forums.

Plus, each day the app features a Free Game of the Day. Today, that game is Spazzle II! That’s right, for one day only, you can download the full version of Spazzle II (without advertisements) for free! We hope you enjoy the game!

🙂 fairlady

Spazzle’s Count Up to a MILLION Downloads!

Our classic critter-whacking game, Spazzle!, is close to reaching 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS! To date, we’ve had over 982,000 customers download this popular fast-paced game…

To celebrate, we’ll be releasing 3 all-new levels with a new bonus item! Look for it soon on the App Store! That’ll be 15 levels total!

Help us reach a MILLION!

Download the full-featured free version today! (with ads)

Download the full-featured .99 version today! (no ads)

A HUGE thank you goes out to all of our customers who have made this game a smashing success! I’ll post updates to let you know when the new levels have been released and when we’ve hit our million download mark!

Whizzit Words iPhone game for kids 3-6 is now out!


Right on the heels of the successful launch of Whizzit Counting (a counting game for preschoolers), Fairlady Media is proud to announce release of a new game for the kiddies: Whizzit Words!

Game Description: What’s missing in the picture? Let’s find out! Touch the letters to spell a word and the missing item will magically appear! Don’t worry, Wilton the Weasel is there to help young spellers find the right letters to build the word.

Wilton the Weasel helps your child build a wordAs your children build words to fill in the missing part of the picture, they will be encouraged by our animated mascot, Wilton the Weasel. They will also be delighted with animated effects such as starbursts and balloons as they progress through the game.

“We created Whizzit Words to help develop pre-reading and reading skills in young children. The game passes the real test, which is that my own daughter loves it!” – Connie Bossert, Ph. D., Educational Psychology
The cow magically appears

Download Now!

We continually strive to improve our games; please let us know what you think (either in this blog or via App Store reviews). Thanks!

Spazzle II now features OpenFeint! Here’s why that’s GREAT…

The first release of Spazzle II: Disco Blitz included local and global high scores as well as various achievements. That was great for seeing where your alien-zapping skills stood in the global community, as well as seeing how well you stacked up against your friends. But we wanted to offer more…

What is OpenFeint?

OpenFeint is a social gaming network. It allows a global community of gamers to compare scores and game achievements and see what everyone else is playing. OpenFeint includes game Achievements, Challenges, Leaderboards, and Notification features. So, in addition to tracking your own high scores and game achievements, you can see which games your friends are playing and what their best scores are.

Why did we choose OpenFeint over other high score systems?

We did our research on features, usability, and user requests and decided to go with OpenFeint. For a great article in PocketGamer on the side-by-side comparison of OpenFeint vs. Plus+ (a competing social gaming network), see:

What Spazzle II achievements get recorded with OpenFeint?

Here is a table that lists all of the Spazzle II achievements along with their point values in OpenFeint:

Spazzle II Achievements in OpenFeint

We hope you enjoy the OpenFeint features in Spazzle II! 🙂

– fairlady

Whizzit for Preschoolers is out!

If you have a toddler or preschooler, this counting game is a must! Your children will love to count the toys, flowers, blocks, and other items because every touch causes a unique animation. Preschoolers will learn to count each item once (and only once) while being entertained with cute graphics, fun animations, and silly sound effects.

Best iPhone game for preschoolers

Best iPhone game for preschoolers

Download it today! 🙂

– fairlady

Whack ’em All renamed to Spazzle; Sequel released

July 2009. After 6 months and nearly a million downloads, everyone’s favorite iPhone and iPod Touch game “Whack ’em All!” has been renamed “Spazzle: Midnight Mask”.

If you haven’t already, check out Spazzle – the smash-hit family friendly game! Its finger-tapping fun, crazy-hard levels and kickin’ country western soundtrack have kept hundreds of thousands of fans addicted! They keep coming back for more and challenging their friends and kids to beat their high scores.

And now, just in time for those awesome new iPhones, Fairlady Media is proud to announce the upcoming release of the sequel to Spazzle, “Spazzle II: Disco Blitz”!

Zap the sly alien cyclopses, poppers, eggheads, and razzlers before they destroy the planets, alien cities, moons, and spaceships! Be careful not to hit the cute fluffy SPACE kitty! This fast-paced game requires you to tap and shake the device to deter the aliens while picking up point bonuses, time bonuses, ray guns, and extra lives.

Enjoy 12 all-new levels in Spazzle II; each level introduces new challenges, aliens, and/or bonus items. Be forewarned; there is a big ugly alien who lives on each new world that you conquer, and you’ll need quick reflexes to defeat him!

Spazzle II features custom disco funk music and alien sound effects by Atomicon! Download a free track from the game here. The full soundtrack will be available soon on iTunes!

Plus, Spazzle II gives you all the bragging rights you need with a global high score leader board!

Look for Spazzle II on the App Store July 6th, 2009!

Whack ‘em All! is not associated with Mattel, Inc. or the Whac-a-Mole® trademark.