The APPera’s game review of Spazzle II: Disco Blitz

Spazzle 2 Disco Blitz Review: Looks Outside Of Earth But Still Awesome!

“Spazzle II is a simple, but beautiful version of whack-a-mole for the iPhone…the great graphics, obvious controls, and score and achievements system will keep you playing.” – The APPera

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If you give a toddler an iPhone…

A toddler with an iPhone

A toddler with an iPhone

Recently Fairlady Media began developing educational games for preschoolers. I’ve asked a few others in the vast community of  iPhone/iPod Touch users to come up with the best advice they have for making the most of your little one’s interactions with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Here are some ideas:

1. Get a sturdy non-slip case to protect your expensive device. My kids are pretty good about not throwing my iPhone, but drops are inevitable. As one parent wrote, “My rubber case is a lifesaver” – Toucharcade user darchinst

2. Expect it to get sticky. No matter how clean his/her hands are, you’ll always get your iPhone back with “kid goo” and fingerprints smearing the entire surface. Eyeglasses cleaner works great to remove the smudges!

One Toucharcade user wrote: “My 7-year old brother usually gets a bunch of unidentifiable sticky stuff on the screen, and once got the home button almost permanently depressed, but never seriously damaged it.” – Kamazar

3. The quality of the apps is more important than you might think. You may think that a polished well-designed game is overkill for a 3 year old, but believe me, they know what’s good and what’s not. My daughter becomes just as easily bored with hack-job flash cards as I would. Check out the reviews and screen shots before buying.

4. If it’s in the educational category, here are a few key things to look for in the app description:

a) targeted age group (be cautious of games that provide too wide a range… rarely will an educational game be appropriate for ages 3-10!),
b) specific skills taught or reinforced (e.g. letters, numbers, words, etc),
c) specific descriptions of how skills are taught (e.g. through drill and practice, through animation, audio, video, interaction, gameplay, etc),
d) qualifications of the developers (e.g. parents, educators, learning specialists).

A child with an iPhone

A child with an iPhone

5. Check the age restrictions posted in the app description. Many Apps that LOOK kid-friendly (to a kid) are actually NOT kid-friendly. Consider grouping all of the kid-apps on one page of your device. Then tell your child to only select games from that

6. Come to terms with the fact that if you give your child your iPhone, you may not get it back!

As one Dad wrote, “My 3.5 year old has been playing with my iPhone for the last 10 months. Loves it. To the point that when he sees me he doesn’t say “PAPA” any more. He shouts “iPhone” when I reach home, with a hell of a lot more enthusiasm!” – ImNoSuperMan, Toucharcade User

Many thanks to the users in Toucharcade for the great discussion on the topic:

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Whizzit Counting game by Fairlady Media

Whizzit Counting game by Fairlady Media

“I have no money, but I want to develop an iPhone app!”

I have heard this type of comment a lot in developer forums. It is often paired with “I’ve got this great idea…” and “Where do I start?”. The most recent post I read later revealed the submitter was 14 years old. It got me thinking… What advice would I offer a high-school-age young person about how to get started with iPhone development? Here’s my answer:

Tell *everyone* that you know that you are interested in developing iPhone games, and tell them what you need to get started. Tell your parents, your teachers, your friends, your parents’ friends, etc. Who knows? Maybe you have a neighbor who knows someone with a Mac… even someone who does development work and could help you get started?

Surely your school has a computer lab where you could work to get familiarized with a Mac? There may be a computer teacher who would be willing to work with you and get the necessary software installed? There are lots of kids who can earn credit or special honors by completing a special project at school. Try joining or starting a computer club at your school. Sometimes there are *free* resources available to students in clubs like that…

All this will be practice for one of the essential skills in developing iPhone games… it’s called networking! By getting to know other developers and making friends with people who have the resources you need, you will be better positioned to develop and market your games.

Best of luck to all those young people out there who are committed to pursuing their dreams! 🙂

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Whizzit for Preschoolers is out!

If you have a toddler or preschooler, this counting game is a must! Your children will love to count the toys, flowers, blocks, and other items because every touch causes a unique animation. Preschoolers will learn to count each item once (and only once) while being entertained with cute graphics, fun animations, and silly sound effects.

Best iPhone game for preschoolers

Best iPhone game for preschoolers

Download it today! 🙂

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Whack ’em All renamed to Spazzle; Sequel released

July 2009. After 6 months and nearly a million downloads, everyone’s favorite iPhone and iPod Touch game “Whack ’em All!” has been renamed “Spazzle: Midnight Mask”.

If you haven’t already, check out Spazzle – the smash-hit family friendly game! Its finger-tapping fun, crazy-hard levels and kickin’ country western soundtrack have kept hundreds of thousands of fans addicted! They keep coming back for more and challenging their friends and kids to beat their high scores.

And now, just in time for those awesome new iPhones, Fairlady Media is proud to announce the upcoming release of the sequel to Spazzle, “Spazzle II: Disco Blitz”!

Zap the sly alien cyclopses, poppers, eggheads, and razzlers before they destroy the planets, alien cities, moons, and spaceships! Be careful not to hit the cute fluffy SPACE kitty! This fast-paced game requires you to tap and shake the device to deter the aliens while picking up point bonuses, time bonuses, ray guns, and extra lives.

Enjoy 12 all-new levels in Spazzle II; each level introduces new challenges, aliens, and/or bonus items. Be forewarned; there is a big ugly alien who lives on each new world that you conquer, and you’ll need quick reflexes to defeat him!

Spazzle II features custom disco funk music and alien sound effects by Atomicon! Download a free track from the game here. The full soundtrack will be available soon on iTunes!

Plus, Spazzle II gives you all the bragging rights you need with a global high score leader board!

Look for Spazzle II on the App Store July 6th, 2009!

Whack ‘em All! is not associated with Mattel, Inc. or the Whac-a-Mole® trademark.

Whack ’em All released on App Store

December 24, 2008
Fairlady Media announces the release of Whack ’em All for iPhone / iPod touch on the iTunes App Store. This fun action game can be purchased for just 99 cents today on the App Store. The game offers 9 levels of challenging game play, 6 critters with varying personalities, and a player achievements page. You can read more about the game features and view a demo tutorial at We extend our appreciation to Chris Garrett at ZWorkbench for consulting and support as we submitted this first game for review at the iTunes App Store and to all those who play-tested our game to make sure it was both fun and functional!